Thank you for joining the many thousands interested in reading my NDE Book....this Book has been over 5 years in the making - I found it to be the most COMPLEX endeavor I've ever attempted....taking something so Incredible and large and trying to squeeze it all into one small book (I suspect there will be more then one book as I now work on final rough drafts - tremendous amount of information and detail - can't possibly squeeze it all into one book,....or it will be one very LARGE book !) The Book is based Directly on my experiences that occurred some 36 hours post open-heart surgery in which I suffered a complete Cardiac Arrest ( "Code Blue" ). During that time - I was medically documented as being "clinically dead" (ie - No heart beat - No pulse - No response ) for a period of approx.. ~ 14 to 16 minutes (depends on which Doctor I ask and how they interpret the CPR those are the min and max values). After continual CPR, adrenaline boost IV and de-fib shock paddles were used - I was finally revived - but extremely unstable (multiple organ failure - Severe Sepsis and Severe DIC with irregular A-fib / V-fib heart beats) and intubated and put on full life support....and spent the next several days in and a Coma state...under 24 hour guarded watch....clearly in CRITICAL condition....they briefly lost me several more times...but my system restarted without medical staff assistance - before they made it to my room...staff has told me I set off monitoring alarms almost constantly that was a very "rough" week....for everybody there....and especially my one was sure if I'd even make it thru it all....medical staff assured them that they were doing everything they possibly could.....the rest was out of their hands....and now in His.

What I experienced thru all the above so vastly EXCEEDS anything I could ever imagine (or ever even Hope to imagine)....I am having a very difficult time even trying to find the words to describe it all....our current english language simply just doesn't cover it. Many, many have asked me ...."What did you experience..? " and the ONLY quick answer I can give anyone is - you'll need to read my can not even begin to summarize these experiences in a few short words or even a quick or brief description....simply because the powerful words like Glorious, Magnificent, etc fall so far short of defining it....that even "mind-blowing" simply doesn't touch was completely off the charts.This Book is based on those experiences - using direct recall, personal and family notes and data from actual medical documents ( Yes - I pulled all my EMR files - some1,872 pages of medical data - including doctors notes - while I was in the ICU /CCU sections....yes - I am a data and detail fanatic )

Most describe what happened to me with the term "Crossing Over" or "Crossed Over" it what ever you like...whatever works for you....all I know for certain is that I was in a Very different place....and on a level I've never experienced before....that I have no other option but to also firmly believe I indeed "Crossed Over"...multiple times. Where did I "cross-over" to..? Based on all I know...and everything I've ever read, heard or seen - I firmly believe that answer is - and can ONLY be......Heaven.

Those that know me well - know that I am a very detail orientated person - I look for the "logical" in every situation...I insist on the Facts...I demand the Truth......and have never been able to answer a question with a simple Yes or No. The Book describes my vivid recall of what happened to me during the Cross Overs....Will what happened to me will happen to everybody ? - I have no way of knowing that for sure...I just know what happened in my case...and it is so solidly etched and embedded into my is unlikely I will ever forget it - I relive the entire sequence of events quite often...over and over...(it's as if I can't shut it off - perhaps that's for a Reason ?) ...each time recalling more and more of what transpired in greater depth and detail...and understanding it a little bit better. It is unlikely I'll ever fully understand it...I can't make any sense of some of it...from a "logical" or even rational stand attempting to describe it all to others remains an on-going challenge for me to this's difficult to explain to others something you don't fully understand yourself.....I just do the best I can....I'm a simple man
Like most - I too had so many unanswered questions - some of those WERE answered for me - such as:

1). What happens when you die...? Is there really Life After..?

2). Is there really a Bright Light ? ...and if so - why and what is it..?

3). Do we see other Loved Ones who have passed - when we Cross Over..?

4). Do we continue to Age when we Cross Over..?

5). Do our Loved Ones really go to a.... Better Place..? If so...are they still in any Pain..?

6). Is Life Truly everlasting in Heaven..?

7). What happens to the Children...?? To the babies that never had the chance to see the world..?

These - and several Dozen more questions to Life's daunting mysteries ( that I had - and have since found the majority do as well ) were answered during my experiences....along with so much information that it overwhelmed me then - and still overwhelms me to this probably always will.

Will it be the same for everybody..? UNKNOWN...all I know is directly what happened to me and my personal experiences...I feel each experience one will have is unique...I have NO way of knowing what will happen to ANY one person....just what directly happened to me....I certainly do NOT know it all...not even close by far...only what happened to me....and what was shared with me during these experiences .

More coming Soon.....check back often ! (full digital PDF version of the book will be here...someday...look for it.)

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NOTE: due to VERY High volume of incoming emails....Please - be patient for a response....I am way, way behind on the thousands of emails (10's of thousands) since my 3 interviews on IANDS / NDE radio during 2016...I do the very best I can to get back to EVERY one...I am SO Grateful to you All....each and every one of you.....Thank you ALL...and May God Bless.