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Welcome to Extreme Electric - the "Elite" electrical division of the RKO Electric Company

If your project needs or demands more then the services offered by the typical contractor...then it's time you moved your project up to:
 The  EXTREME...

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From the minute you contact us - you'll quickly find our  Extreme Electric division goes FAR beyond the ordinary....well into the extraordinary....from customer service all the way to the finished project....including on-going follow-up service  long AFTER the project  is complete.

At Extreme, we don't settle for "good enough"...and neither should you....you deserve better. We understand that every project - big or small - means a lot to our customers . ...and we know you want the final product to be the best it can be....so do we.

 You don't want to have to wait 2 or 3 weeks (or even longer) for a response....you need the work started A.S.A.P....and at Extreme - we guarantee you'll hear back from us in UNDER 72 hours....regardless of our current workload ! So contact us today for your next project....and find out for yourself why our customers say our Extreme division is not just a cut above the rest...but clearly in a class all of it's own !!

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